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About the project
RASSVET - is the DAO-fund for development of cultural values issued with the benefit of NFT
DAO members
Digital artists, businessmen, philanthropists and collectors united by one mission in the innovative cryptoeconomics segment.
Rassvet mission
Become an international trendsetter in digital art and NFT and create a system for using new DeFi financial instruments and community development for influencing the growth of NFT capitalization.
RASSVET will be based on the NFT ART collection of more than 100 works by famous digital artists with an initial market value of USD 1,000,000, contained in a distributed trusted storage and an application platform for the development of the secondary market
We have combined two of the fastest growing and most profitable areas - NFT & DeFi
DAO fund assets
Equity RSV token, the value of which depends on the total capitalization of RASSVET assets, which is the NFT ART collection and DeFi assets
Governance token - Dawn - distributed among the governing DAO participants
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